Kusatsu, Gunma prefecture

Autumn leaves viewing

The autumn foliage of Kusatsu Hot spring will be in full bloom from middle to end of October. Enjoying the beautiful view of autumn leaves while soaking in the Hot springs. These secret spots, such as Mt Tengu and Tanizawa brige are very popular spots besides the Hot springs. Though Road side sation - Kusatsu Undojaya Park is highly recommended for its stunning light up of autumn leaves starting from 17:00 – 21:00. You can experience the illumination of fantastic autumn leaves in the darkness.
(Road side sation shop is closed at 17:00 evening.)


Road side station - Kusatsu Undojaya Park
Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association   TEL : 0279-88-0800
Information source
Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association

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