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New sightseeing in Kyoto through Videos

  • 新しい京都_石清水八幡宮_メイン
  • 新しい京都_保津川下り
  • 新しい京都_丹後バラ寿司
  • 新しい京都_京漆器
  • 新しい京都_花街
A special website “動画で知る新しい京都観光(New sightseeing in Kyoto) ” introduces new normal initiatives at various tourist attractions in Kyoto Prefecture in the time of COVID-19.

83 videos are posted from the selected 3 fields of "Food’, "Experience" and "Traditional Culture & Daily Life".
You can find charms of each attraction at a glance and at the same time learn preventative measures and guidelines against COVID-19, which will help you to plan your trip.

There are also videos showing traditional crafts and Hanamachi (traditional entertainment districts in Kyoto).
Please come and find new style of sightseeing of Kyoto, with harmonized feelings of hospitality (Omotenashi) and the sense of safety and security.
Photo1. Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine, Yawata City
Photo2. Hozugawa Rafting, Kameoka City & Kyoto City
Photo 3.Tango Barazushi, Kyotango City
Photo 4 .Kyo-lacquerware
Photo 5. Hanamachi (Traditional entertainment districts in Kyoto)
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  1. Maizuru, Kyoto

    Limited release! Maizuru Red Brick Park Guided Tours

  2. Nara City, Nara Prefecture

    Admire Nara’s autumn leaves in time-honored temples

  3. Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

    New Spot to introduce the culture of Matsumoto

  4. Ine-cho, Kyoto Prefecture

    Online shop that delivers seasonal products from fishing town

  5. Nara City, Nara Prefecture

    Evening stroll in Nara, a historical city

  6. Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

    Let’s go around Matsumoto with ” heartening sneakers”

  7. Nara City, Nara Prefecture

    ”Yurutabi” to Nara at your home

  8. Yamagata village, Nagano Prefecture

    Yamagata village in autumn where Chinese yam and buckwheat are ready for harvest

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