Ine-cho, Kyoto Prefecture

Online shop that delivers seasonal products from fishing town

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Ine-cho in the Tango peninsula is well known for its rows of Funaya (boathouse at the seaside).

Ine-cho online shop” (website is in only Japanese) sells special products that only fishing town can offer.

For example, the great taste of turban shells “instant rice cooked with turban shells”, and the secret ingredient of miso soup “bagna cauda with sardine from Ine”, etc.

In addition to food, they also have miscellaneous goods like “Ine original masking tape” is also highly recommended.

This unique masking tape is available in 4 types, “colorful Funaya tape” which Funaya as a motif, "yellowtail masking tape" which has drawing of yellowtail and so on.

The products changes seasonally, so come visit the site every season!
Ine Tourist Information  TEL : 0772-32-0277
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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