Maizuru, Kyoto

Limited release! Maizuru Red Brick Park Guided Tours

  • 赤れんがツアー_メイン
  • 赤れんがツアー_サブ
Maizuru City is introducing the “Maizuru Akarenga(red brick) Park Guided Tours”. Maizuru is famous for “Akarenga (red brick warehouses)” which were built through Mid-19th to early 20th. This “Akarenga” buidling is being registered as Important Cultural Property.

At this tour, visiting the “Akarenga” red brick houses and “Former Kitasui Water Purificaion Planet” is one of the highlights. These “Akarenga” red brick houses were built for storing former Navy’s munitions and torpedoes.
Another visiting place to be visit is the “Former Kitasui Water Purification Plant” which was constructed to secure a large volume of drinking water for the facilities and ships in the naval port. In addition, there is a spot inside the plant for overlooking the pier of the Self Defense Forces. If you are lucky, you may be able to see the Self Defense Forces escort vessel.

Experience this precious opportunity to enter these important cultural properties include facilities that are usually not open to public viewings.
Maizuru, Kyoto
Akarenga Park Building No. 2 (Maizuru Red Brick Park)
Weekends and public holidays all year round (excluding New Year holidays)
Due to concern of the spread of Coronavirus, tours might be changed or cancelled without prior notice.
Kyoto by the Sea DMO Maizuru Tourism Association   TEL : 0773-77-5400
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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