Yamagata village, Nagano Prefecture

Yamagata village in autumn where Chinese yam and buckwheat are ready for harvest

  • 山形村_やまっちそば_メイン_トリミング
  • 山形村_長芋
  • 山形村_長芋畑の紅葉
  • 山形村_長芋堀
  • 山形村_展望台
Yamagata village with great nature is going to have good crops in Autumn. Its famous products are Chinese yam and buckwheat noodles, “Soba”.

In this village, there are about 20 Soba restaurants which provide hand-made buckwheat noodles. Twelve of those restaurants serve a new specialty “Yamacchi Soba”.

It is served with a topping of Chinese yam which is cut finely as noodles. You’ll find the good crispy texture and the good going down smoothly feeling to be irresistible! About 50 recipes of Chinese yam are open on the official web site (Japanese only).

Fried food and Gyoza are good for appetize, steamed bread and smoothie are popular with children.
How about cooking with seasonal Chinese yam while staying home!?
Yamagata village
Yamagata Village Tourist Association
Information source
Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association

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