Nara City, Nara Prefecture

Admire Nara’s autumn leaves in time-honored temples

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Many of the temples in Nara City are regarded as famous autumn leaves view spots.

Enjoji Temple, the most famous temple along the Yagyu Kaidou, its oil painting-liked landscape is one of the highlights.

Shoryakuji Temple, where is the birthplace of Japanese Sake, has 3000 maples trees being planted and is called as "Nishiki-no-sato to express the splendorous colorful scenery.

Not to miss out the family temple of the Yagyu Family, Hotokuji Temple, the huge scarlet maple trees there stand still to welcome all the visitors.

Only limited in the red leaves season, a half day guided sightseeing bus tour to Shoryakuji Temple and Kouninji Temple will be operated.  You can join the tour at either JR Nara Station or Kintetsu Nara Station. A great chance to enjoy both the charm of autumn and the history of Nara.

* Sightseeing bus tour and the opening hours for each temp may be changed due to coronavirus infection prevention measures

* Please check the official website for the newest information
Peak season for autumn leaves
Enjoji Temple ----------- Mid October to Mid November
Shoryakuji Temple ----- Mid November to Early December
Hotokuji Temple ------- Mid November to Early December
Photo 1: Enjoji Temple (Credit: Nara City Tourism Association)
Photo 2: Shoryakuji Temple (Credit: Nara City Tourism Association)
Photo 3: Hotokuji Temple (Credit: Yagyu Tourism Association)
Nara City Tourism Association   TEL : 0742-30-0230
Information source
Nara City Tourism Association

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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