Nara City, Nara Prefecture

”Yurutabi” to Nara at your home

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Staying home while participating in the "Yurutabi, Nara. Campaign" may be something interesting to consider.

First content to introduce is the "Deer Challenge at home". You can caption freely funny deer's photos, "Shikapture (Shika = Deer) Challenge" and download free coloring pictures of Shikamaro-kun (mascot of Nara City Tourism Association).

Second one is "NaraTube at home". Videos such as second generation of Nara City Concierge's guided tour "Nara No-mitsu (low concentration) Travel" and "New educational travel experience with Shikamaro-kun" are available.

Revise yourself by watching videos to get prepared once you can visit Nara at the moment.
Nara City Tourism Association   TEL : 0742-30-0230
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Nara City Tourism Association

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