Kusatsu Town, Gunma Prefecture

Hotspring water of Kusatsu Onsen proven to have strong sterilizing effect

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Kusatsu Town has requested the Gunma University to conduct an investigation on the contribution of the Kusatsu hotspring water in inactivating the novel COVID-19 virus. The results are positive and the hotspring water of Yubatake has 283 times stronger inactivating power than running water, and 56 times stronger than sulfuric acid aqueous solution of same pH value.

The hotspring water can disinfect and is of course skin-friendly than alcoholic disinfectants.

To let everyone to easily wash their hands at any time, 3 "Tearai-no-yu" (Hand washing hotspring) are set up near the Tubatake. Feel relax and protect yourself while strolling around Kusatsu Onsen.
Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association   TEL : 0279-88-0800
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Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association

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