Tango Peninsula, Kyoto Prefecture

Viewing the superb view of Tango Peninsula while cycling

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One of the best cycling road along the coastal line in Kansai area can be found at the Tango Peninsula of Kyoto Prefecture. Guided tour and rental services are also well equipped.
Joining the "Tango Peninsula - Amanohashidate e-Bike Rental and Guided Tour" to comfortably ride on and enjoy the exclusive view of Tango Peninsular with electrically assisted bicycles.
The rental fee costs 2000 yen or above per person. A 2-3 hours guided tour is available at 5000 yen for adult and 2500 yen for secondary school students or under.
Hopping through famous sightseeing spots like the Amanohashidate (one of the three most beautiful spots in Japan), Aso Sea and boathouses of Ine, and tasting local gourmet and sweets will make your day.
Uminokyoto e-Bikes   TEL : 050-1743-3085
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

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