Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

Online shop for all-the-best specialties of Kyotango City

  • 【A-1】旬の京丹後ふるさと便
  • 琴引の塩サイダー8本セット 1,950円
An online site "Umi-no-Kyoto Shun-no-Kyotango Furusato-bin" (Kyotango, Sea of Kyoto, hometown seasonal courier) listed up a variety of  specialties of Kyotango City was launched since this March.
You can purchase here fresh vegetables, meat, marine products, processed food, traditional craft and etc.
The "Three-dimensional cutting silk mask" made of Tango Chirimen is especially popular.
For this summer, why not have a try on the mild salty favored "Kotobiki-no-shio (Kotobiki Salt) Soda?
Kotobiki salt made from the seawater of Kotobiki Hama (Kotobiki Beach) was used to produce this soda drink.
Enjoy shopping and the charm of Kyotango while staying home!
Kyotango City Tourism Association  TEL : 0772-72-6070
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

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