Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

Sweet delicious watermelon from Hata Town, Matsumoto

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Hata Town of Matsumoto City, being the gateway of Kamikochi, taking its advantage of huge temperature different to grow watermelon turns into a success.

Hata town as the center of main production, watermelons grown at Niimura, Wada, Imai, Yamagata Village are branded as "Matsumoto Highland Watermelon".

The crispy and fresh watermelons will blow away the summer heat and leave you just watery sweet aftertaste inside your mouth.

You can purchase through JA Matsumoto Highland operated direct sales locations  "Farmers' Garden" or online shopping site "JA Town".

Even though you may not be able to meet your loved ones at the moment, why not send them sweet watermelons to show your love?
Matsumoto City Hata Town Tourist Association   TEL : 0263-92- 2246
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Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association

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