Nara City, Nara Prefecture

Enjoy Nara’s local sake as Highball

  • 奈良しゅわボール
Nara is the birthplace of Sake. Once you pay a visit there, “Nara shuwa ball” is a must-drink highball. Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, who won the third place at the “Diageo World Class 2013”(also known as the  "Bartending Olympics”), invented its recipe by blending Nara’s local sake.
There are all together three flavors: “Koto (plain)” blending with soda; “Akatsuki (Vinegar tonic)” blending with apple vinegar and tonic water and “Wakakusa (Lime ginger)” blending with lime syrup and ginger ale.
“Koto(plain)” is recommended to enjoy the taste of Sake. If you are unfamiliar with Sake, “Akatsuki” and “Wakakusa” would be easy to begin with.
Fizzy “Nara shuwa ball” is good for quench your thirst , why not have a try on summer hot days?
The restaurants services the highballs will be announced below in July,2021.
All around year
Nara City Tourism Association   TEL : 0742-30-0230
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Nara City Tourism Association

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