Nara City, Nara Prefecture

Discover the unknown charm of Nara

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“Nara Time”, the booking site for Nara’s sightseeing experience, offers you tours such as  visiting unrevealed temples and enjoyable summer night contents in Nara.
The night zazen meditation at the Zen hall of Gango-ji temple, a world heritage, is highly recommended. Only Nara City Tourism Association can offer this distinctive experience  night meditation at a national treasure Zen hall which is usually closed to public.
For other recommendations, walking tour into forests at night, walking tour around “Takahata”, an area getting attention in Nara, and “tengu (a legendary creature in Japanese folks)”-themed bus tour are also available.
Theses tours will amaze you with unique experiences about unknown charms of Nara which is hardly to discover by yourself.
Photos are from;
1: Gokuraku-do(Main Hall)(National treasure) of Gango-ji Temple at night
2: Kakuya-ji temple at Shinyakushi-ji Temple
3: Flying squirrels at night forest
4 : Itto-seki Split Boulder from the “tengu (a legendary creature in Japanese folks)”-themed bus tour
Nara City Tourism Association   TEL : 0742-30-0230

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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