Nara City, Nara Prefecture

Cycling around Autumn Nara

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Ride around in Nara” is being held in 11 cities in Nara prefecture. The participants of the cycling event cycle around any spots from the 100 spots on a map of the smartphone application. Then they can get points on the spot and exchange them to the local products from 11 cities.  According to the total points gained, they could be ranked in and stand a chance to win the extra prize. During the cycling event, at the Nara City tourist information center “NARANICLE”, the restaurant “CAFÉ ETRANGER-NARAD” holds a gourmet event “NARAD EAT TOUR.” They serve a special menu during the period. Beautiful autumn season is the best for cycling and interacting with locals from Nara.

【Comments from TIC TOKYO concierge】
The period of the “Ride around in Nara” is exactly the peak season of autumn leaves. Nara park, Enjo-ji temple, Isuien, Shoryaku-ji temple, the Museum Yamato Bunkakan are known as famous spots of autumn leaves. The best time to see the autumn leaves is usually from late October to early December.
Nara city, Tawaramoto Town, Asuka Village, Yoshino Town, Yamatokoriyama City, Tenri City, Kashihara City, Sakurai City, Kawanishi Town, Miyake Town, Takatori Town
October 1st – November 30th
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Nara City Tourism Association

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  1. Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture

    Autumn Leaves at Komyo-ji Temple

  2. Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture

    Enjoy the Sea of Clouds and Autumn Leaves at the Mysterious Mountain “Ōeyama”

  3. Kyotamba Town, Kyoto Prefecture

    Autumn Taste of Tamba

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