Kyotamba Town, Kyoto Prefecture

Autumn Taste of Tamba

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Kyotamba, a town rich in nature located in the central part of Kyoto Prefecture, has a wide variety of high-quality food products. You can easily purchase them from the online shop, "KYOTAMBA-SELECTION"*. The selection includes mouth-watering products such as Ama-natto (sugar-glazed beans), sweets and granola made from Tamba black soybeans, and verde sauce made from Kujo leeks produced in Kyotamba . In autumn, soft and fluffy textured Tamba black edamame, and Tamba Kuri, large-sized chestnuts with outstanding sweetness and good smell, are also on sale. Of course, they can also be purchased at direct sales shops in the town.
Why not try the tastes of Tamba that can only be enjoyed during this season?
*The online shop is in Japanese only and shipping to overseas is not available.

【Comments from TIC TOKYO concierge】
Tamba black edamame, which can only be tasted from early October to mid-November, has a rich and sweet flavor. Once you try it, soon it will make you coma back to it.
If you are visiting the area, get a copy of "京丹波黒豆の枝豆街道MAP (Kyotamba Black Edamame Road MAP)" that lists the direct sales locations, and enjoy the taste of autumn while sightseeing.
*The map is in Japanese only. 2022ver of it will be released late September.
Kyotamba Town Tourist Association   TEL : 0771-89-1717
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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