Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture

Enjoy the Sea of Clouds and Autumn Leaves at the Mysterious Mountain “Ōeyama”

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If you plan to visit Kyoto in the mild autumn weather, hiking in Ōeyama Mountains* is highly reccommended.
Ōeyama mountain range, which spans Maizuru City, Fukuchiyama City, Miyazu City, and Yosano Town, offers a variety of routes that can be enjoyed by both advanced and beginner climbers, and is said to be a treasure trove of plants.
In particular, Onitake Inari Shrine, located around the 8th station of the mountain, is a spectacular spot where sea of clouds appears.
Especially in autumn, you can admire both the sea of clouds and the beautiful autumn leaves in one time.
Driving towards the air traffic control tower is also an ideal alternative, as you can reach the observation point without hiking.
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【Comments from TIC TOKYO concierge】
As a souvenir of hiking the Ōeyama Mountain, try the "Oni Manju" made by Shinjiseikaho in the motif of the "Koshikakeishi", the stone stool from the "Tale of Shuten Doji(Sake-Loving Demon)".
The size is about 10 times larger than a regular one! The sweet bean paste inside is very tasty and not too sweet.
Fukuchiyama Tourism Association   TEL : 0773-22-2228
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Kyoto Tourism Federation

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