Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture

Autumn Leaves at Komyo-ji Temple

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Komyo-ji Temple, one of the three temples called Nishiyama Sanzan, is known for its beautiful autumn leaves, and its precincts are open to the public on special occasions from mid-November to early December (¥1,000 for adults, free for junior high school students and younger).
The "Maple Path" around the Yakuimon gate is about 200 meters long and is covered with about 250 maple trees. The bright red autumn leaves lining the path and the tunnel of autumn leaves overhead is a breathtaking sight.
In addition to the autumn foliage, visitors can also admire various other cultural heritage sites, such as the Mie Hall, the largest wooden building in Nagaokakyo City, built in 1754, and the Amida Hall, houses a standing statue of Amida Nyorai, the principal image of the temple.

【Comments from TIC TOKYO concierge】
If you visit Komyo-ji Temple, we recommend you to stop by Ippuku-tei, a famous Kyoto-style restaurant right in front of the gate. Be sure to make reservations, as the restaurant is crowded during the autumn foliage season.
For a tea break, Ogura Sanso Honten, located about 10 minutes’ walk from Komyo-ji Temple, is also highly recommended.
From mid-November to early December
9:00 - 16:00 (gate closes at 16:30)
Adult: 1,000,yen
Junior high school students and younger: free
Komyo-ji Temple   TEL : 075-955-0002
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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