Ine Town, Kyoto Prefecture

Seasonal recommendation, Japanese oyster “Natsumi” from the Ine Town

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Around End of April to Early August, Japanese oysters grown in Ine Town (the Northern side of Kyoto),
come to its best season. Famed of the beautiful boathouse scenery, the clear water of Ine Bay provides a good
condition which makes the oysters taste as natural one with signature compact texture.
It takes 4-5 years to grow up qualified oysters. The large ones weight over 500g.
Sterilized seawater device has been introduced so you can enjoy eating raw oysters.
The rich and fresh taste is unforgettable.
Apart from dining at the restaurants or accommodation facilities inside the town,
the products can also be purchased from the online shop also.

【Comments from TIC TOKYO concierge】
Forest occupies 80% of the area of Ine Town.
The rich minerals are being absorbed by the soil and eventually penetrate into the underground water.
This is the secret of the delicious oysters.
Within Ine town, local people used to eat in either raw, grill or hot pot style.
Ine Tourist Information   TEL : 0772-32-0277
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

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