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From Kyo to Kamakura A Digital Stamp Rally

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From Kyo to Kamakura. A digital stamp rally in Kyoto and Kamakura” (collecting digital designed prints) is
now taking place at the spots related with the NHK drama “The 13 Lords of the Shogun”.
The participants who take on a tour and collect digital stamps at the spots can have a chance to win a special gift by lottery.
The spots consist of 10 sites, including Iwashimizu Hachimangū Shrine in Yawata City and
Uji River in Uji City (Historical Park of Tea and Uji Town Chazuna).
With more than 7 stamps, the participants can draw lots for the meal voucher
at the restaurant “SCALAE” in THE THOUSAND KYOTO (a maximum of 5 winners).
With more than 4 stamps, they can draw lots for a 3,000-yen assortment of local specialties
from Uji or Yawata City (a maximum of 10 winners).And of course, there are more prizes to win.
Participating in this digital stamp rally and feeling the history flowing into the Samurai period
may be a good idea in this Summer.

【Comments from TIC TOKYO concierge】
As a souvenir after visiting the Iwashimizu Hachimangū Shrine,
we recommend “Hashirii Mochi” from the 250-year-old confectioner “Yawata Hashirii Mochi”.
Their tender mochi is made in the traditional way and filled up with much red beans paste
and are sweetened with an exquisite balance.
Its taste is proved with the long history and hence highly recommended as a gift also!
13rd of May to 30th of September
Uji City, Commerce and Industry, Tourism Divisions.

Commerce and Tourism Division of Yawata City

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Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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