Nara City, Nara Prefecture

Feeling the charm of Nara in the morning and night (Morning version)

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  • なつの奈良旅_昼メインs
Just as the idiom “The early bird catches the worm” says, there are merits for waking up early and strolling around in Nara City aka. “Asakatsu”.
From June 16th to August 31st, the “Nara Travel Campaign in Summer 2022” is launching with the theme “Satisfied scenery at Morning and Night”.
Touring among famous temples and searching for fully bloomed water lilies (lotus flowers), the “Nara, Nishi-no-kyo Lotus Road” and watching the deer calling by horn’s natural tone, “Calling deer in Summer” are great things to do in the morning.
Also, joining tours or hands-on experience at designated places and eating breakfast are all counted as “Asakatsu”, which grants you coupon to use afterwards.
Avoid crowding and enjoy relaxing morning in Nara City with this “Nara de Asakatsu” campaign.

Click here for the “Nara Travel Campaign in Summer 2022 (Night Version)

【Comments from TIC TOKYO concierge】
In between the sightseeing intervals, why not treat yourself a shaved ice in this hot Summer?
Nara City is known as an “Ice sanctuary” because of the Himuro Shrine, where the God of Ice is being enshrined. The colorful and signatural shaved ice desserts are photogenic, and of course delicious.
“Nara, Nishi-no-kyo Lotus Road, a fun travel with lotus and history” *
 June 16th – August 16th
“Calling deer in Summer” *
 Sunday and National holidays between July 3rd – August 28th (Expect on August 14th)
“Mini-tour in Morning” *
 Sunday between June 19th – August 28th
“Morning Experience in temples” *
 June 16th – August 31st

* Applicable for Asakatsu campaign
Photo 1: Calling deer in Summer
Photo 2: Water lilies of Main Hall, Toshodaiji Temple
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Nara City Tourism Association   TEL : 0742-30-0230
Information source
Nara City Tourism Association

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