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“Buri-Shabu” (Hot pot of the fatty delicious yellowtail)

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Tango region is the birthplace of “Buri-Shabu” (Yellowtail Hot Pot).
There are many tourists in Miyazu-shi and Ine-cho for the various dishes of yellowtail such as “Buri-Shabu”.
Especially, Ine-cho is one of the Japan’s three biggest fishing grounds along with Himi-shi Toyama prefecture, Goto Nagasaki chain of islands.
Yellowtails which spent time in summer around sea of Hokkaido goes Sea of Japan for southern warm water in the late autumn. While they go down to this part of ocean, fat gets on and becomes in a really delicious state.
Why don’t you thoroughly enjoy the seasonal yellowtail in a variety of cuisine including "Buri-Shabu”, “Cooked with Japanese radish”, “Sashimi”, “salt-grilled” “Teriyaki“ and so on!!

【Comments from TIC TOKYO concierge】
“Toriki” is a restaurant at a cuisine ryokan nearby AmanoHashidate, which is 3min on foot from Amanohashidate station. They provide natural yellowtail and have a good reputation in taste. Please appreciate “Buri-Shabu”.
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Kyoto Tourism Federation

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