Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Feel like heaven in Gotemba’s hot springs and sauna

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"Gotemba Onsen and Sauna Tour Digital Stamp Rally 3rd Campaign'' is currently being held in collaboration with eight hot spring and sauna facilities in the city that offer spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and underground water baths.

This campaign is a digital stamp rally that tours target facilities. After downloading the app“furari” and visiting participating facilities during the campaign period and enjoying hot springs and sauna, you will receive a digital stamp by scanning the QR code at each facility. Also, depending on the number of stamps gathered, you will receive an original sticker or digital certificate. Furthermore, by accumulating stamps, you can enter to a lottery to win bathing tickets and accommodation tickets at the participating facilities.

Don't miss the facility's original "sa-meshi" (sauna meal), which is freshly made, piping hot, and extremely spicy.


[From TIC TOKYO Concierge]

One of the facilities targeted for the campaign, "Oasis Gotemba,'' is a popular sauna facility that has also been used as a filming location for a TV drama.

There are special dates in Autumn, November 11th as "Totonoe Day'' (Refreshing Day) and November 26th as "Iifuro Day'' (Good Bath Day), which are perfect for visiting hot springs and saunas.
Konohana no Yu, Otainai Onsen Health Center, Fuji Hakkei no Yu, Natural hot spring Kirakubou (Gotemba Kogen Tokinosumika), Source Chame Yudono (Gotemba Kogen Tokinosumika), Oasis Gotemba, Rembrandt Style Gotemba Komakado Address, Restin Tokinosumika
September 1, 2023 (Friday) to December 17, 2023 (Sunday)
Gotemba City Tourism Exchange Division   TEL : 0550-82-4622
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Gotemba City

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