Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture

Forest Bathing in a cluster of oriental paperbush (mitsumata) and Japanese fringed irises (shaga)

  • 京都_ミツマタとシャガ_メイン
  • 京都_ミツマタとシャガ_サブ
In spring, in the Oitomicho, knowns as the nature-rich "Suigen no Sato" (village of water sources) of Ayabe City, the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, mitsumata and shaga bloom all at once.
From late March to mid-April, yellow mitsumata bloom first, from late April to mid-May, white shaga follow.
The carpet of flowers covering up the entire cedar forest will overwhelm you.
During the season,
 a rest area with local specialty products will be open also.
Why not enjoy spring hiking in the clear air while bathing in the forest 

【From TIC TOKYO Concierge】 

On your way home, relax yourself at the Ayabe Onsen, will be a good option.
Ayabe Onsen is a natural hot spring
with rich components and famous for its benefit for skin beauty.
And you will be pleased with the open-air bath overlooking the mountain village definitely.
At the restaurant, you can enjoy the tastes unique to a mountain village. 
Operating cooperation fee : 200 yen
Kyoto by the Sea DMO / Ayabe City Tourism Association
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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