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Kyoto’s proud brand crab

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Facing the Sea of Japan, the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture is a treasure trove of Matsuba crab (snow crab). The long-awaited crab season begins on November 6, when the crab fishing is opened, and ends around March 20. In particular, "Taiza crab" and "Maizuru crab", which are brand-name crabs that have passed a strict selection process, are famous throughout the country, and their sweet meat and rich crab innards are a delicacy to be captivated by. There are many inns offering crab dishes in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, and plans are available to enjoy Matsuba Crab. There are also a variety of lunch menus available for one-day trips. We recommend a different kind of "Kyoto of the sea" than the standard sightseeing tour of Kyoto, where you can enjoy a blissful time with crab dishes and hot spring baths.


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In winter, "Kyoto by the sea" is famous not only for its brand-name crabs, but also for its yellowtail, oysters, and squid. The yellowtail is popular for "Buri Shabu" (Yellowtail Shabu Shabu), which originated in this area, and the oysters are popular at oyster huts, where they are grilled over charcoal or steamed.

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