Ujitawara-cho, Kyoto Prefecture

Superb dessert of Tea producing district! Refreshments

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Ujitawara town, Kyoto Prefecture, known as the production area of Uji tea, is the home of "Korogaki,"a dried persimmon made from "Kakiya" which is the shelf for drying persimmon. A "persimmon shop" is built in the rice field after the rice harvest is finished, and the harvested "Tsurunoko persimmons" are dried for about 15 to 20 days. The whiter the persimmon becomes due to the sugar that seeps out of the persimmon along with the moisture, the more delicious it is.  It is usually sold for a limited time from mid-December to late January. It is mainly sold at "Uji-cha-no-Sato," produce stand in Ujitawaracho, and at supermarkets, as well as through mail order. Be sure to purchase early, as they may sell out quickly.

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Take a walk in the Yuyadani district of Ujitawaracho, which is said to be the birthplace of Japanese green tea. The tranquil scenery includes “the birthplace of Nagatani Soen”, which has been recognized as a Japanese Heritage Site, as well as “the Chasoaki Shrine”, a retro tea factory, and old private homes.
"Uji-cha no Sato” produce stand of JA Kyoto Yamashiro   TEL : 0774-88-2629
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