Minamiyamashiro Village, Kyoto Prefecture

A hidden major producer of Uji tea

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Minami Yamashiro Village, the only village in Kyoto Prefecture, is a major producer of Uji tea. At "道の駅 お茶の京都 みなみやましろ村", you can buy agricultural products and specialties such as tea produced in this village rich in nature.

They also have an online store where you can purchase their recommended products, such as "Muracha Pudding," and "Village Matcha Pound Cake, both of which use plenty of Okumidori, a high-quality green tea produced in Minami Yamashiro Village.

The village is also implementing the "Muracha Ouen Dan Project.

This is a project to deliver tea from Minamiyamashiro Village to medical professionals based on the amount of tea you purchase.

Let's drink tea from Minamisanjo Village and support the producers and medical workers.
道の駅 お茶の京都 みなみやましろ村   TEL : 0743-93-1392
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

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