Kusatsumachi, Gunma Prefecture

Fantastically light up Yubatake

Speaking of Kusatsu-hot-spring, Yubatake is a symbol.
What does Youbatake mean? It means hot water field.
As you harvest rice from a field, you "harvest" flowers of sulfur from Yubatake.
Amount of hot spring that is equivalent to about 2.300,000 of drum-can well up in a day.
This year’s theme is “Yubatake Three and Illumination”
At night, Yubatake are filled with bright lights and a big Christmas tree is placed.
You can enjoy seeing illumination, taking foot-bath.


Toji Square(field of hot water)
Information source
Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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