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Lotus Road around Temples in Nara

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Famous lotus temples, Saidai-ji Temple, Kikou-ji Temple, Toshodai-ji Temple, and Yakushi-ji Temple will hold the event, “Nara Saikyo Lotus Road”, around the best period of lotus flower.

Limited 2,000 of “Combined Tickets for the Four Temples” are available from the beginning of May at the information centers, including Nara City Tourist Information Center and Kintetsu Nara Station General Tourist Information Center.

After 11th of June, the four temples will offer the tickets as well at their entrance.

With the purchase of the ticket, you can get special goshuin stamp of lotus road at a goshuin stand in each temple. (the stamp costs another payment.)

This year, more events are coming for family trip.  Lotus flower blooms from the early morning to noon.  Morning walk at the temples with fresh air must heal your mind.

Saidai-ji Temple, Kikou-ji Temple, Toshodai-ji Temple, and Yakushi-ji Temple
11th, June, 2021 ~15th, August, 2021
1st photo provided by Yakushi-ji Temple
2nd photo provided by Toshodai-ji Temple(left), Kikou-ji Temple(upper right) and Saidai-ji Temple(lower right)
Image is for illustration purposes.
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Nara City Tourism Association

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