Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokohama Sankeien Garden got the Traveler’s Choice from TripAdvisor 6 years in a row!

A national scenic garden, Yokohama Sankeien Garden got the Traveler's Choice from TripAdvisor 6 years in a row!
The admission fee will be discount till Sep.29!

In 1859, when the port at Yokohama was opened to foreign trade, the largest export from Japan was silk.
By 1909, Japan was the world’s primary supplier of silk, serving markets such as the United States and Europe.

Sankeien was built by Hara Sankei, a great entrepreneur with producing and trading silk in Yokohama.
In the early 1900s, he used some of his wealth to start building a Japanese garden over the course of some 20 years ? a haven that he called Sankeien. Spanning about 175,000 square meters across three valleys along the coast, Sankeien comprises an outer garden, open to the public since 1906, and an inner garden, originally kept private for Sankei’s personal use. Seventeen historical structures relocated from Kyoto, Kamakura and elsewhere are harmonized with nature across the four seasons to present magnificent landscapes.

Sankei was also known for his associations with people in the realms of art and culture, and Sankeien became a cradle of development for modern Japanese culture, including painting, literature and the tea ceremony.

In 2007, the entire garden was designated as a national site of scenic beauty, and today it remains highly regarded for its cultural significance.


Sankeien Garden
Sep. 1. 2020 ~ Sep. 29. 2020
9a.m.-5p.m. (last entrance: 4:30p.m.)
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Adult : ¥700 → ¥600
Child : ¥200 → ¥100

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