Surrounded by waters from 3 directions (Pacific Ocean, Tsugaru Coast and the Sea of Japan), Tohoku is a place where is blessed with natural beauties and resources. Its various faces in four seasons have impressed tourists around the World.


Firstly, Tohoku has a range of varieties. From large scale festivals like the Aomori Nebuta Festival and Sendai Tanabata Festival to the snowy-decorated landscape, these specialties have stolen the hearts from their visitors.


Secondly, Tohoku has the Japan’s richest resources of hotspring (onsen). Its geographical landscape also contributes to its special gourmet culture of seafood and vegetables.


Last but not least, among the indigenous events and history of Tohoku, there are lots of cultural heritage sites like Hiraizumi have been registered as World Heritage or national treasures and attracted millions of travelers every year.


In order to further appeal the charming points of Tohoku, tourist information centers (TIC) inside Tohoku collaborate with each other to enhance information sharing. In this website, 42 TICs over 35 cities of Tohoku are introduced. You can make use of the teleconferencing service when you visit one of the listed TICs to gather information from other TICs to plan your next destination.


Travelers all over the World are very welcomed to visit Tohoku and please come. This is also the common wish from Tohoku TICs.