2019 / 01 / 11

【Snow Monster Tour】Come witness the wonders of Tohoku Winter!

樹氷Have you ever heard of “snow monsters?” Snow monsters, also called “Juhyo,” are formed when evergreen trees morph into large, towering shapes as they slowly accumulate snow and ice. It is a natural phenomenon which only occurs in very unique and specific weather conditions, and therefore can only be seen in limited areas of Japan.

In Miyagi Prefecture, you can take a look at these beautiful “creatures” at one of the three most famous spots for snow monsters! Miyagi Zao’s “Sumikawa Snowpark” offers a special tour where visitors can view the awe-inspiring panorama of snow monsters while riding the “Wild Monster.”

Duration: December 15th ~ March 17th
Price: 4800 yen ~ 9800 yen (Depends on day and seating)