Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture

Tea have been connected people and history in Uji city

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Historical Park of Tea & Uji Land CHAZUNA is a spot which promotes the charm of Uji city with a museum where visitors can learn about the history of Uji tea and Uji city, and a café-restaurant full of sweets using tea.
Our recommend is many kinds of making experience workshops such as making “Chazutsu”, tea caddy with selecting your favorite Japanese paper, or “Maccha”, powdered green tea making experience and so on.
You can learn the culture with joy tailored to your interest. (Reservation required) And more, a special exhibition of this year’s historical drama on NHK TV,“Hikaru kimi e” is now running too.
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Uji city was set for the last 10 chapters of “Genjimonogatari (The Tale of Genji)”, and there is “The Tale Of Genjimonogatari Museum, Uji”. In addition to the authentic matcha sweets and tea available here, you will be enthralled by the splendid souvenirs inspired by the Tale of Genji, including Uji tea, incense, confections, stationery, and more.
Historical Park of Tea & Uji Land CHAZUNA
10:00~17:00(16:30 Last entry)
No regular holidays (may close temporarily)
Historical Park of Tea & Uji Land CHAZUNA   TEL : 0774-24-2700
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Kyoto Tourism Federation

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