Maizuru city, Kyoto Prefecture

【Collaborated goods are already sold out】 Amazing Collaboration between a Fleet game and Maizuru City One day bus ticket

  • ②ー3かまぼこ手形
Intoroducing the collaborative project for a game “Kantai Collection” which is Fleet Collection and Maizuru Kamaboko Tegata which is one day bus ticket in Maizuru City.  It cost 1,000 yen for adult and 500 yen for elementary school student.  There are 3 standing panels with the picture of Fleet Girl along the bus route of the bus.  Would you like to get one day bus ticket and receive various discounts and free admission of various sites in Maizuru city.  Please take this opportunity to enjoy exploring in Maizuru City at a special price.                                    As of December 18. The Kamaboko Tegata in collaboration with "Fleet Collection" are already sold out. Only regular Maizuru kamaboko Tegata are available for purchase.


【TIC TOKYO concierge recommendation】

Would you like to visit one of the biggest fresh seafood market on the side of Japan sea called “Maizuru Port Tore Tore Center” and the Maizuru Brick Park?  You may also ride on a pleasure boat from the east side of the World Brick Museum.
September 30, 2023 (Saturday) ~May 12, 2024(Sunday)
Information source
Kyoto Tourism Federation

* This information is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.


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